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Rock out. Cozy up. Read more. Whatever your plans may be, Downtown Waukesha has everything you’re looking for and more. Check out our recommendations for devoting your day to coffee and classics.

Martha Merrell’s Books & Toys is the perfect place to find a bookish gift for yourself or the booklover in your life. You might even spot a local author! They also cater to book clubs, offering a warm meeting space and special book club selection discounts, and have an abundant collection of toys. For students or visitors of Carroll University, the Carroll University Bookstore has more than textbooks! Check out Pioneer apparel, backpacks, accessories, and a selection of textbooks and mainstream titles.  If you are looking for a variety of books, movies, and magazines, stop by the newly renovated Waukesha Public Library. The library offers books including non-fiction, fiction, do-it-yourself, and history. Not to mention their wide selection of children’s books. The Waukesha Public Library also offers a wide range of book clubs, classes, and activities.

Martha Merrell’s Books & Toys Carroll University BookstoreWaukesha Public Library

If you’re feeling vintage or looking for a tasty trip down memory lane, Allô! Chocolat has just what you’re craving. Their Blast from the Past gift baskets feature nostalgic candy from iconic decades. Mallow cups, fun dip, pop rocks, oh my!

Allô! Chocolat

Creative minds need coffee. And Downtown Waukesha has no shortage of either. For some serious Downtown Waukesha vibes, limited edition lattés, live performances, and guitar decor, visit the Steaming Cup. They’ve got soup and sandwiches and friendly staff to boot! Cafe dé Arts is a family-owned and operated European coffee house and micro-roastery. Their vibrant and eclectic atmosphere calls to all Downtowners, not to mention their hot-off-the-press paninis and European pastries.


Whether you’re in the mood to cozy up with a cup of coffee and scratch-made bakery, or want to enjoy a fresh salad, Mountain Top Coffee has just what you need. Alongside pretty lattés, they also serve bagels, sandwiches, salads, soup, and homemade poptarts. They cater, too! Finally, for a true taste of Wisconsin, don’t leave Downtown Waukesha without stopping at Mama D’s Coffee. This little shop proudly partners with the best of local businesses, serving Valentine coffee, organic tea from Rishi, eggs from Three Brothers Farm, scratch-made soups from The Soup Market, and ice cream from Mullen’s Dairy Bar. Catrina Café is Waukesha’s very own Mexican Coffee Shop! If you are looking for some caffeine and sweets, stop by and enjoy all Catrina’s has to offer! There is something tasty for all ages to enjoy!

MOUNTAIN TOP COFFEE Mama D’s CoffeeCatrina Café

Can you hear the music in the air? You are probably walking by Vinyl Vault, a great record store located in the middle of downtown Waukesha. Vinyl Vault has everything collectors are looking for, from records to CD’s, 8-tracks, and reel tapes. Whether you are looking for rock, blues, country, and more, Vinyl Vault is your music destination. For another great selection featuring everything from polka to heavy metal, vintage electronics, and turntables, check out Music Records 262! The Picky Picky Resale Shop is a must-stop for classic records, video games, and collectibles.

Vinyl VaultMUSIC RECORDS 262Picky Picky Resale Shop

Next time you find yourself strolling downtown in the ‘Sha, check out any – or better yet, all – of these one-of-a-kind places!

Whether you want to cozy up with a good book and a cup of coffee, or rock out to a new record, Downtown Waukesha has everything you need.

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