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Unique Boutiques on Two-Way Streets

The businesses in Downtown Waukesha are independent, eclectic, and unlike anything in the area! Where else in the Midwest can you buy a Whoopee cushion, chocolate truffles, and artisan hot sauce on the same block? It’s safe to say that whatever you need, you’ll find a family-owned business in Downtown Waukesha that’s perfect.

Psst! This is only a handful of Waukesha’s best spots. For more good stuff, check out our Facebook  & Instagram pages!

A few upcoming events...

Live Music at Nice Ash Cigar Bar – Advance

  • 323 W Main Street

Advance performs the best of the Rock and Roll Classics… songs you’ll recognize instantly and enjoy. Be prepared...

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Live Music at Mainstream Bar & Grill – Miles Wangerin

  • 404 W Main Street

Myles started playing guitar at age 11 and singing in high school and his early influences in playing...

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Live Music at Nice Ash Cigar Bar – Blues Disciples

  • 323 W Main Street

The Blues Disciples have been bringing their Blues to the people of the  local clubs in the Milwaukee...

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